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"Our kids are on fire! They are having so much fun!
At the same time they are reaping the crucial lifetime benefits
of focus, discipline and confidence."



Evansville Archery Academy archers shoot weekly at the Evansville Vanderburgh 4H Center Fairgrounds in Evansville, Indiana. Evansville Archery Academy supplies bows and arrows.

Join us Tuesday afternoons from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the 4H Center Show Barn.

Evansville Archery Academy supplies equipment for students, but parents might want to bring lawn chairs.

Everyone is welcome. No experience necessary.

Evansville Archery Academy is designed for kids grades 4-12. Adults are also welcome to participate, but must use the same bows and restrictions as youth.

Equipment: Genesis Original and Genesis Mini bows are used at the Evansville Archery Academy. We do not use sites or releases. Arrows are Easton 1820 aluminum arrows with 3-inch plastic vanes. This makes a level playing field for all.

Cost is $15 per session. On a student's first visit, coaches outline safety and range rules. Evansville Archery Academy provides handouts for archers to take home for review. Upon competion of the basic archery class, archers join the other archers on the shooting range.

Click to view pdfs of handouts:
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Congrats to Evansville Archery Academy archers who recently shot in the EAA Tournament, especially our trophy winners!


Email us at joe@evansvillearchery.com for more information.


Focus. Discipline. Confidence.

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Teachers and parents around the U.S. are reporting huge benefits, both in the classroom and at home, when their children participate in the sport or discipline of archery.

Students tend to gain better focus, become more disciplined, and enjoy more confidence and self-control in the classroom. Why? Because the National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP) is designed so that nearly every student can enjoy success in archery, whether or not they are the tallest, fastest, or strongest. The sport or discipline of archery is highly inclusive, and designed to propel students of all genders, abilities and backgrounds to flourish in every area of life.

Archery in the Schools Program

Nationally-certified by NASP, award-winning head archery coach Joe Lagenour and his Evansville (Indiana) Archery Academy associates tailor individual instruction specifically toward each age group (grades 4-5; 6-8; 9-12) and each ability level.

To learn how to begin this amazing archery program in your school, email us at joe@evansvillearchery.com today!

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Evansville Archery Academy

What better way for your child to go through life than with a renewed sense of confidence and focus? Call today to learn more about the Evansville (Indiana) Archery Academy and see for yourself! Parents are welcome, but not required to attend sessions. Each session includes individual instruction, as well as bow and arrow rental.

Location: Evansville (Indiana) Vanderburgh 4H Center. Email us at joe@evansvillearchery.com for more specific information.

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Contact Us Today

Email us at joe@evansvillearchery.com and find out how you can participate in the Evansville Archery Academy (students grade 4 through grade 12), Evansville Archery Club (all ages), or to learn more!

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